Stop the Encore.

Into the shadows the night fires the mind

to the silence of moments locked in past time

the moments that carved the shape of a life

like a statue frozen in the hardness we hide.

Like the lonely lover, the distant runner

nowhere to hide from the pain inside.

Into the darkness the puzzles remain

Into the daylight we burden our blame.Image

In Love with Love ( Excerpt from my Song Lyrics)


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Touched softly by your hand  I can no longer stand  As the tide washes over  Who I am

Seduced by your words  I can no longer hear  The ocean’s roar  The wind across the land

Loved softly by your body  I can no longer feel  The heat  As the fire burns within

Abandoned at your whim  I can no longer dare  To fall in love  Without a care

Touched by your hand  I am seduced by your words  Loved by your body  Abandoned at your whim  You take me to the mountain top  You fill me with despair  Sometimes I wonder if I care.

Is it you that fans the flames that set my soul on fire  Or am I just in love with love


Soft light reflects on my face

and I realise where I am

The mirror shows a different face

But I know that here I am.

The inner light from my eyes

now dull, yet I can see

I can’t escape what happened

I so need to be set free.

Yesterday I laughed and cried

over love and joy and pain

But today I am a soul alone

Void of trust and full of shame

The marks, I guess, will go in time

but the wounds have etched their scar

my life now changed by one act of hate

and the mirror shows a different face.

and I watch…

The flowers bloom

and I sit quietly

among the fallen petals.

Some are perfect

in their grace,

and I touch remembering,

remembering a freer place…

A miracle, please.

Locked among neglected monoliths I stand guarding the shadows.
Frozen. I cry mute.  Love, in deathless combat.
Consumed by endless yearning.  Forgotten desires of softer moments.
Again, a day, sharpening the shadows, a surreal figure tormented by fear.
Apart. Together. Sentinels in stone. I writhe beneath the dusk red sky. Embraced by the darkness of the night and the shifting stars reveal more shadows.  I cry mute. Delayed hope. Love.
A miracle for this beautiful soul,  Please.

Celebrate Life

No matter what you say or how you play, or where you hide, like the rising tide ready or not the future comes and it comes today it’s here -.

By my side we can chase the ride there’s no time to hide or play with pride because ready or not the future is here and it comes today.. it’s here.

There is no point to conflict it’s the world’s mortal waste. Now is the time for the words & music to connect us all in grace. Friendships are our right with love and peace meant for all and to share a world of richness, a gift we choose to ignore.

Today we risk on egos’ flaunt a multi cultured world of flair, with the need for care, love and a future, we share but we taunt. On egos of a dare we all lose in confusion and despair & our differences we devour though we all share life right now.

Open the door to a richer life. Cast doubt away to embrace the best we have to give & celebrate life so all can live in a world of hope and love. Let’s make each moment one above the traps of past unjust despair the future is now, we need to care.

Amador, Amador. inspired by a book I can no longer find…

Amador, Amador

Did you hear my call?

It’s Fernando,

I’ve something to say

I know it’s hard to listen

when your life is young

though not clear of clutter

and dismay.

“Do what you want”

is what I’m saying

but only if you are free

and this only applies

to the honourable guys

like you and me

But what if your life

becomes oppressed

will you rebel and crave

what you can’t have or see?

Just a flip of the coin

can change a life

so please try to listen

to me.

To become a man is to withstand

the outer influences of human life

Don’t ask or obey anyone else

Learn to judge what is right, by yourself.

 The quest of freedom

to do what you want

is a very serious matter

as there are consequences

from all that you do

and others you care for, who matter.

 A good life is what we all want

and a good life is worth the work

So don’t pay attention to

pessimists or fanatics

but respect human life and it’s worth.

 Speak and listen to other people

and keep your conscience sweet

and know that you will always sleep

in comfort, and seek

what you will of friendships

with a pure and open heart

and know that human beings

can also be labelled “thief”

with a reason for their path.

 Experience fully the joy

and the pleasures of love

and accept the consequences

of your own adult choices

and life’s harsher lessons

of pain and death.

Don’t waste your short time

in guilt or harmful conflict

grow strong and understand

the world and its ways

and live a good life, each day.

 Amador, Amador

Did you hear my call?

Fernando, you father

I love you, I wish I could give you more.


Going Away (basis for demo song lyrics)


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I stood with you at Shelly beach bay on the cliff side watching the waves. We felt the ebb tide pulling the rock face as a tear fell ‘cos you’re going away

‘n at the moment the wave hit the rock I sensed the fear and felt the shock…Your need to flee free my desire for you to stay near me …. the ebb life is here to stay the man in the boy is going away

I felt the sorrow of time I borrowed ‘n lost a boy to a man’s tomorrow. I felt the calm I’ve known before and I sensed the wave taking you from the shore

‘n at the moment the wave hit the rock I sensed the fear and felt the shock…Your need to flee free my desire for you to stay near me ….the ebb life is here to stay the man in the boy is going away

What words now do I say on the cliff face bathed by the waves. Just to stand with you will soon be unreal. I wish you so much with all the love I feel.

‘n I feel the ocean’s might. I know in my heart your choice is right and tide flows on to the life you want…one, where you belong. From high seas to the calm bay from winter’s gale to a light breeze day on unchartered paths the soul of heart must lift home-anchor to depart.

…. the ebb life I felt today uncertain of  your return the tide’s going away.